My horse and I have been at Northfork Farm for almost five years. Both Pete and Laurie are great people and are so easy to get along with. There are many reasons why I continue to board with them.  Mainly since my horse is insilin resistant and he has specific daily needs. Pete is always on gaurd of any changes in my horses health and contacts me immediately!   Dinero is out in a beautiful sheltered huge pasture daily (with a grazing muzzle during the grass months) weather permitting.  Also he does not stifle my practice of natural horsemanship but encourages it.  If ever I need to be at their farm early or late for my horses needs;  that is never a problem. However I am respectful and considerate of their privacy and quiet times.  Being a horse owner for many years and being at many boarding facilities …  Dinero and I are very content at Northfork Farm.